Grand Cayman Restaurants

There are over 200 restaurants in the Cayman Islands including fast-food outlets and small native style diners.

Visitors can choose from a wide variety of mid-range and elegant dining as well as low cost fast food and take-out outlets on Grand Cayman. Traditional Caymanian cuisine will feature many items unfamiliar to you as well as well-known favourites such as conch, lobster and shrimp. Don't be afraid to sample local dishes such as stewed turtle, oxtail, salt beef & beans and ackee & codfish. Other staples include plantain, breadfruit, cassava and rice & beans. Local dessert items include rum cake and cassava cake.

In addition to the local cuisine you'll find Jamaican, Cuban, Central American, Italian, British, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and others. Fast-food chains include Pizza Hut, Dominos, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway and KFC.

Cayman Brac has a few small local restaurants in addition to two hotel restaurants serving buffet style meals and Little Cayman has one main restaurant, the Hungry Iguana, located next to the airport. Dining on Little Cayman is also available at Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman Beach Resort, Pirates Point and Sam McCoy's Lodge.

Most restaurants require shoes and shirts but shorts are generally acceptable. Some of the upscale restaurants may require slacks for evening dinner. Most restaurants will automatically add a service charge of 15% to your total food and drink bill. In this case tipping is not required and you should check your bill before leaving extra. Your food and beverage server receives only a small portion of the gratuity and you may tip extra at your discretion.


Aqua Beach Restaurant & Bar Pub Fare/Caribbean +345-946-6398
Blue Iguana Grill International/Caribbean +345-949-3100
Bodden's Roti Shop Trinidadian/Local +345-946-3619
Breezes By The Bay Caribbean/Local +345-943-8439
Bus-Side Café Caribbean/Seafood +345-945-7965
Captain's Table Restaurant Continental/Local +345-948-1418
Casa Havana International/Caribbean +345-945-3800
Champion House Restaurant 1 Local/Caribbean +345-949-2190
Champion House Restaurant 2 Local/Caribbean +345-949-7882
Chicken! Chicken! Caribbean/Café +345-945-2290
Cimboco Caribbean/Café +345-947-2782
Coconut Joe's Continental/Pub Fare +345-943-5637
Coffee & Bites Café/Pastries +345-945-4892
Coffee Grinder Café/Pastries +345-949-4833
Copper Falls Steakhouse Steak/Seafood +345-945-4755
Corita's Copper Kettle Local/Caribbean +345-949-7078
Country & Western Restaurant Local/International +345-945-4079
Cracked Conch by the Sea Seafood/Caribbean +345-945-5217
Daily Grind Café/Lunch +345-945-1175
Eddy Hot Pot Restaurant Caribbean/Spanish +345-945-2098
Grand Old House International/Caribbean +345-949-9333
Hemingway's International/Caribbean +345-945-5700
Hungry Iguana Local/American +345-948-0007
Icoa Cafe Lunch/Café +345-945-1915
Jillian's Billiard Lounge & Bar Caribbean/International +345-949-0110
Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill International/Caribbean +345-947-9975
Kaibo Yacht Club Caribbean/Cajun +345-947-9975
La Esperanza Local/International +345-948-0531
Liberty's Restaurant Caribbean/Seafood +345-949-3226
Liberty's Takeout Local/Caribbean +345-949-8837
Lillian's Restaurant Local/Caribbean +345-949-2178
Maedac Midtown Cafe Cafe/Lunch +345-946-8077
Main Street Café Local/Lunch +345-947-2217
Mango Tree Local/American +345-949-0732
Myrtle's Restaurant Local/Caribbean +345-949-7868
Over the Edge Seafood/Steakhouse +345-947-9568
Paradise Bar & Grill American/Caribbean +345-945-1444
Rackham's Pub & Restaurant American/Caribbean +345-945-3860
Red Parrot Steak/Seafood +345-949-0088
Rum Point Restaurant Local/American +345-947-9412
Seaharvest Restaurant Seafood/Caribbean +345-945-1383
Seymour's Jerk Chicken Jamaican/Local +345-916-5418
Singh's Roti Shop & Bar Trinidadian/Local +345-946-7684
Sonia's Restaurant Local/Caribbean +345-948-1214
The Brasserie Local/International +345-945-1815
The Lobster Pot International/Caribbean +345-949-2736
The Wharf International/Caribbean +345-949-2231
Vivine's Kitchen Local/Caribbean +345-947-7435
Welly's Cool Spot Local/American +345-949-2541


Other Cuisines

Al La Kebab Greek +345-943-4343
Azzurro Italian/Café +345-946-7745
Bamboo Japanese +345-949-1234
Burger King American/Fast Food +345-949-6377
Calico Jack's Bar & Grill American/Pub Fare +345-945-7850
Calypso Grill International/Seafood +345-949-3948
Canton Chinese Restaurant Chinese +345-945-3536
China Village Chinese +345-945-3490
Cobalt Coast Restaurant International/Seafood +345-946-5656
Deckers American/International +345-945-6600
Domino's Pizza - Mary Street Pizza/Fast Food +345-949-8282
Domino's Pizza - Savannah Pizza/Fast Food +345-947-1188
Domino's Pizza - West Bay Pizza/Fast Food +345-949-6633
Dragon Garden Chinese +345-947-1166
Edoardo's Italian/International +345-945-4408
Fidel Murphy's Pub Fare/Irish +345-949-5189
Full of Beans Café West-Coast/Asian +345-943-2326
Gateway of India Indian +345-917-2269
Hammerheads Brew Pub American/Pub Fare +345-949-3080
Hard Rock Café American/Fast Food +345-945-2020
Hemingway's International/Caribbean +345-945-5700
KFC - Merren's Plaza American/Fast Food +345-949-2834
KFC - Shedden Road American/Fast Food +345-945-5540
KFC - The Strand American/Fast Food +345-945-9065
La Sha Ry's Indian/Local +345-949-5274
Lighthouse Restaurant Italian/Seafood +345-947-2047
Lone Star Bar & Grill American/Mexican +345-945-5175
Luz Restaurant Local/American +345-949-4898
MacDonald Restaurant & Bar Local/American +345-949-4640
Mandarin Buffet Chinese/Lunch +345-946-9328
Neptune Restaurant Italian/Continental +345-946-8709
Pizza Hut - Red Bay Plaza Pizza/American +345-947-7333
Pizza Hut - West Bay Road Pizza/American +345-949-8687
Ragazzi Ristorante & Pizzeria Italian/Pizza +345-945-3484
Reef Grill at the Royal Palms Seafood/American +345-945-6358
Ristorante Pappagallo Italian/International +345-949-1119
Solana Gourmet/International +345-949-0088
Stinger's American/Pub Fare +345-945-3000
Subway - George Town American/Fast Food +345-945-3568
Subway - Industrial Park American/Fast Food +345-945-7373
Subway - West Shore Centre American/Fast Food +345-949-6866
Sunshine Grill American/Pub Fare +345-949-3000
Taste of China Chinese/Asian +345-949-3088
Thai Orchid Thai/Asian +345-949-7955
Thai Restaurant of Grand Cayman Thai/Asian +345-949-6141
Treats Restaurant Contemporary/Global +345-945-4262
Triple Crown Irish Pub Irish/Pub Fare +345-943-PUB1
Wendy's American/Fast Food +345-949-0616
Yoshi Sushi Sushi/Japanese +345-945-6248