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Remembering a Legal Titan: The Life and Legacy of Ramon Alberga QC in the Cayman Islands

Remembering a Legal Titan: The Life and Legacy of Ramon Alberga QC in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands recently bid farewell to one of its most distinguished legal luminaries, Ramon Alberga QC, at the age of 95. Known affectionately as the “Father of the Cayman Islands Bar”, Alberga’s legacy is a testament to a career that spanned over seven decades, marked by significant contributions to the legal landscape of the Cayman Islands.

Alberga’s journey in the legal field began with his call to the English Bar at Middle Temple in 1951, followed by his entrance to the Jamaican Bar. His first appearance in the Cayman Islands Grand Court was in 1964, and in 1976, he relocated to the Cayman Islands with his family. His leadership roles included serving as the vice president of the Jamaica Law Society and as the president of the Cayman Islands Law Society.

A pivotal moment in Alberga’s career was his involvement in the establishment of the Cayman Islands Law Reports in the early 1980s, a significant step for the legal community. The first volume of these reports, published in 1987, included many judgments from as far back as 1952, sourced from Alberga’s personal collection. He remained the consulting editor of these reports until 2020, showcasing his dedication and commitment to the legal profession.

Alberga’s exceptional service and respect within the legal community were underscored in 2011 when his portrait was hung in the courthouse, a rare honor for someone who was not a judge. This gesture reflected the high esteem in which he was held and his unwavering commitment as an officer of the Court.

The legacy of Ramon Alberga extends beyond his personal achievements. His son, Michael Alberga, has continued in his father’s footsteps, becoming a respected figure in the Cayman Islands’ legal and business circles. Michael Alberga has made significant contributions in areas like government relations, regulatory and litigation practice, and advising high net worth clients and family offices, carrying forward the tradition established by his father.

Ramon Alberga QC leaves behind an indelible mark on the legal fraternity of the Cayman Islands. His dedication, expertise, and leadership not only shaped the legal landscape of the islands but also inspired future generations.

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