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Cayman Real Estate Opportunities

The Cayman Islands are a great place to invest in homes, property and businesses. With the markets rebounding and beginning to trend back upwards, this statement has never been more true than it is today!

Coming off a worldwide recession, real estate in the Cayman Islands has been steadily rebounding since 2012 and really burgeoning as of late. New developments and expansion are prevalent on the island and examples include the announcement of the new Arnold Palmer-endorsed Ironwood development in East End, the completion of The Watercolours complex and the announcement of a brand new, posh Kimpton Hotel slated for the west end of the world-famous Seven Mile Beach. These projects are being bolstered by the Cayman Islands government supporting large scale undertakings such as the completion of the East-West Arterial highway, the planning of a new state-of-the-art cruise ship pier in George Town and the ongoing support of the expansion of the Dart luxury living and shopping community: Camana Bay.

The real estate market in the Cayman Islands offers something promising to any type of Caribbean market speculator. From oceanfront land parcels with white sandy beach and crystal clear blue-hued waters to modern condominiums and lavish seaside villas, the market offerings in Cayman are as eclectic as the local populace and every bit as exciting! Like many other parts of the world, the Cayman Island have a formalized real estate brokers association (CIREBA) and a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

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What this means is that the purchasers and the vendors involved in the buying and selling of real estate have piece of mind in that all member companies must adhere to strict rules and regulations designed to protect the parties involved in these transactions. This also means that when you choose any one of the many professional CIREBA member brokers or agents you have access to nearly all of the land and property listings available on any of the three Cayman Islands. Cayman’s government also guarantees land ownership through title and the office of the Land Registry is a modern, efficient and well-run bureaucracy. This enables land transfers to be smooth, safe, quick and simple.

Article provided by Cayman Real Estate (ERA Cayman Islands)

Purchasing land or a home in the Cayman Islands has many distinct advantages over its other Caribbean counterparts. No restrictions on the foreign purchase of land for personal use, no annual capital gains taxes and no annual property taxes are just a few of these attractive advantages. The aforementioned government-guaranteed ownership of land and the fact that the Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory are also two very important advantages of purchasing in the Cayman Islands versus her other Caribbean contemporaries.

These beautiful islands have something special to offer anyone looking to purchase real estate in the Caribbean region. From serious real estate investors and second/vacation homebuyers to local purchasers and those looking to invest in businesses-everyone can find an attractive real estate opportunity in these Cayman Islands. Start your search today and find that perfect investment opportunity for you!

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