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Things to do in Cayman

Whether you’re an underwater explorer or an outdoors enthusiast, there are endless things to do in Cayman for every type of traveler. Pristine beaches, unmatched cuisine and a rich cultural history ensure that you’ll instantly become a part of our unique Cayman community.

Seven Mile Beach

Although the name might be a little misleading (Seven Mile Beach is technically only 6.3 miles), this vast expanse of sparkling water mirrored by dazzling blue sky is the definition of paradise. Named “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine, Seven Mile Beach is located on the western end of Grand Cayman island, making it easily accessible for anyone traveling to the islands. Take a stroll along the shoreline at sunset or spend the day snorkeling in the offshore reefs, and discover why the Cayman Islands are one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean.

Cayman Turtle Centre

Built in 1968, the Cayman Turtle Centre is a staple of the Cayman Islands community. Splash around in the “Turtle Touch Tanks” and wading pools, study the playtime habits of Green Sea Turtles, and even watch hatchling turtles make their way into the world at the Education Center! The Cayman Turtle Centre isn’t just an educational opportunity – it also reflects the long-standing relationship between the people of the Cayman Islands and the turtle. In the 1600 and 1700’s, turtling was an important source of income and served as food for the islanders.Now home to some of the world’s most endangered turtles, the Cayman Turtle Centre is a safe-haven for injured turtles and an important institute for marine research and conservation.

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Treasure-seekers, look no further!With over 325 sunken ships surrounding the CaymanIslands, there are plenty of places to search for hidden jewels and pirate’s gold. The Islands boast a wide variety of diving companies for beginners and experienced adventurers alike, so you’ll be sure to find a dive that matches your skill level. Submerge yourself in the cool, blue water of the Caribbean and experience the colorful tapestry of sea life. The shipwrecks of the Cayman Islands are both haunting and awe-inspiring; you’ll be shocked by the unforgettable beauty of these underwater landscapes. Hopeful travelers from around the world flock to the area in search of hidden treasure. Will you make the next big discovery?
Stingray City

Grab your swimsuit and get ready to hit the beach; Stingray City is a sandbar that is home to anywhere between 40-60 stingrays at any given time. Guests are invited to take the plunge and swim among the rays, petting and interacting with them as they roam in their natural habitat. Unlike many other stingray exhibits, the inhabitants of Stingray City are all wild – this means that any ray in the exhibit has actually chosen to swim among the visitors! Swimming with stingrays might seem a little daunting, but don’t worry – none of the stingrays have “barbs,” so they’re safe to swim with. That being said, some of the stingrays can be up to five feet wide and weigh up to 150lbs, so be prepared to feel small next to these gentle giants.

Cayman Islands Sport Fishing

The Cayman Islands are regarded by fishermen the world over as a destination for all types of sport fishing.

Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac is the larger of the two sister islands. It offers a perfect weekend getaway for people working on Grand Cayman or a destination for holidaymakers in its own right. Measuring a tiny 12 miles in length by almost 2 miles at its widest, Cayman Brac is the second largest island in this small nation.

Snorkeling & Watersports Activities

Grand Cayman offers many in-water activities and plenty of local water sports operators to help you enjoy them.

Little Cayman

Nature, Nature and more Nature

Prepare yourself for a truly unique experience if you decide to visit Little Cayman. Find total solitude in a nature lover’s paradise with miles of uncrowded beaches and untouched wilderness, where iguanas and rare birds outnumber humans.

Cayman Islands Scuba Diving

Many books, picture guides and magazine articles have been published on the subject of diving in the Cayman Islands, and, quite simply, these islands have the best scuba diving that you’ll ever find.

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