Cayman Islands | Your local guide to the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Shopping

Shopping in the Cayman Islands could be considered a tourist attraction all on its own.

Duty free prices, a range of goods catering to a range of budgets, and stores and malls scattered across the island make shopping for a souvenir or special gift an easy and enjoyable experience. The small downtown area of George Town is the heart of Cayman shopping. Here you will find store after store of luxury and mid-range goods in current styles and trends. Boutique stores specializing in a particular designer sit next to mega stores carrying a complete selection of the world’s choicest items. Upstairs, downstairs, on the water, down the block – the storefronts are all wide open and waiting for you to step inside. Experienced sales staff can help you select your purchase.

Shops are also located in numerous shopping centres and malls along Seven Mile Beach. Small independently owned gift shops mix with the island’s premier vendors in locations such as The Strand, Camana Bay, Seven Mile Shops, the Galleria and West Shore Centre.

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Shopping is also available in the further reaches of Bodden Town, East End and Rum Point. Small, locally owned craft stores are a good bet for hand-made items unique to Cayman. Larger vendors are also set up at the resorts along these beaches for a wide selection of items popular with tourists.

Jewelry is perhaps the best buy with deeply discounted prices on offer. Diamonds, Tanzanite, emeralds, rubies, topaz, sapphire and amethyst are just the beginning of what’s on offer at the island’s fine jewellers. A full range of fine and semi-precious gemstones can be found in Cayman with knowledgeable gemmologists available to assist you. Fun and funky jewelry for the younger fashionista is also on sale. And be sure to check out the pieces made of Caymanite, an endemic semi-precious stone with layers of browns and golds.

Watches are a popular purchase in Cayman. From the iconic Rolex to the more accessible Swatch brand, there are watch choices for men and women in every price range and style.

Luxury goods such as Lalique and Lladro figurines, Wedgwood china, Cartier accessories, Waterford crystal, Fendi leather goods, and a wide range of cosmetics and fragrances fill large and small stores.

Souvenirs, too, are widely available. From colourful magnets to stuffed turtles and stingrays (two of Cayman’s mascot figures), from tee-shirts to coffee mugs, from pirate themes to palm trees and fish, souvenirs make an affordable and memorable gift for yourself or friends and family at home.

No matter how long you visit or where you stay in Cayman, you will find shopping options to fill out your tropical vacation.

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