Cayman Islands | Your local guide to the Cayman Islands


Air travel service to the Cayman Islands is available from several countries, with flights from Canada, US, UK, Honduras, Cuba and Jamaica.

Cities served by regularly scheduled flights or seasonal charters include Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte, Houston, Miami, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Tampa, London (England), Kingston & Montego Bay (Jamaica), Havana (Cuba), La Ceiba (Honduras), and Toronto (Canada). There are over 100 commercial flights into the Cayman Islands each week and the most popular gateway is Miami International Airport with approximately 50 flights per week.

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Traveling to Grand Cayman

Because Grand Cayman is such an important jurisdiction for offshore financial services as well as a popular vacation destination, it is particularly well served by international airlines as well as the national flag carrier – Cayman Airways. Visitors to the island need to present a valid passport. Visas into the Cayman Islands are not required for Commonwealth, UK, US or Japanese nationals, as well as nationals from certain other countries. Unless your home country is part of the Visa Waiver programme with the US, a US visa is normally required for travel via the US. It is advisable to double check entry requirements with your travel agent. If you are a visitor to the Cayman Islands you will need to fill in two forms upon entry – a customs form and an immigration form. Please see our Customs Duty page for details on what visitors may bring into the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Airways

Cayman Airways has been the national flag carrier of the Cayman Islands since 1968. Cayman Airways has more flights to and from more destinations than any other airline providing regular flights to the Cayman Islands.

Destinations: Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, Havana, Cuba (seasonal); Kingston, Jamaica; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Miami, Tampa, New York JFK (seasonal), Chicago O’Hare (seasonal).

A pre check-in service is available one day prior to departure at Owen Roberts Airport, George Town, Grand Cayman (from 7pm to 9pm every evening) and the Cayman Airways Cargo office from 5pm to 7pm every evening. When traveling the next day, those passengers without any baggage to check-in can go straight to the security checkpoint but passengers needing to check luggage will be required to drop it off at the ‘Fast Bag’ drop off, located at the Cayman Airways Airport ticket desk.


Atlanta, Georgia to Grand Cayman (daily)

American Airlines

Miami to Grand Cayman (two to three flights daily)


Houston, Texas to Grand Cayman (four times a week)
Newark, New York to Grand Cayman (four times a week)

US Airways

Flights from Charlotte, North Carolina, Philadelphia and Boston

British Airways

Flights from London Heathrow via Nassau Bahamas (stop for refueling only) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


Direct flight from Toronto, once weekly

United Airways

Flights from Washington, D.C., once weekly

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