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Individuals desiring to relocate and work in the Cayman Islands may find the process daunting but knowing Cayman’s recruitment services might help ease ones mind. Moving to a new country is a big decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. Although the population of the Cayman Islands has been growing steadily as more and more expatriates arrive on-island each year, one need not lose hope, there still exists an abundance of career opportunities for job seekers across all sectors and industries.

The primary industries in the Cayman Islands are finance and tourism and, as such, the majority of the jobs available on the island will either be directly in these sectors or in positions that support these two pillars of the economy. The other sectors of the economy, then, will largely be based on the needs of the market and fueled mainly by local demand. The local workforce here is highly educated and capable; the problem that exists is that there is oftentimes not enough manpower to meet the demand for employees by industry.

This is where the opportunity for expatriates arises and this is confirmed by the fact there are over 120 nationalities represented in the local workforce. The ease with which an individual secures an offer of employment will largely depend on the position being sought and the expertise/skill set of the applicant. Well-qualified candidates in general will be highly sought after in most, if not all, job sectors and professionals holding a high level of education and skill level will be the first to secure gainful employment.

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Potential job seekers in the Cayman Islands need not go it alone. There are many qualified recruiters or “head hunters” -if you will- operating on island to help candidates take advantage of the available career opportunities. These professionals will assist in all aspects of the hiring process from staff screening and placement to immigration consulting, job coaching and ongoing client support. They can also assist with immigration documentation and liaise with the appropriate government departments on behalf of the individual seeking employment.

Outside of job placement, Cayman based recruiters can assist with finding schooling for children, coordinate community introductions and identify suitable housing opportunities to fit the applicant’s needs. Simply put, relocation is made much easier when using a professional recruiter. As they are frequently in touch with businesses seeking employees, these firms can truly offer an “inside track” on existing and upcoming job opportunities. These firms oftentimes offer a suite of services that alleviate many of the difficulties that arise in making the move offshore. It is wise to reach out to them for an initial consultation before you begin the job seeking process.

There are several recruiting firms on-island but, in general, these are the largest and most experienced recruiters in the Cayman Islands:

Cayman Recruitment Companies

The Cayman Islands is world-renowned as a global centre of finance – as well as one of the most desirable beach destination vacation locales there is. That being said, the financial sector as well as the tourism industry will provide the lion’s share of job opportunities on-island. There are some other “hot zones” for employment however. Pilots, engineers, teachers, lawyers and IT professionals are always in high demand. Well-qualified applicants across the board should generally be able to find a job that suites them in the Cayman Islands. It is highly recommended that individuals speak with a local recruiter when considering a move to the Cayman Islands. The island’s economy is booming and local companies are bringing on new staff daily. Will you be one of the new hires?

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