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Pharmacies in the Cayman Islands

Each pharmacy in the Cayman Islands is equipped with a wide array of medicinal products, wellness supplements, and even unique health-related items. Their commitment goes beyond just filling prescriptions; it’s about fostering a community of health and wellness.

For those navigating the healthcare landscape of the Cayman Islands, these pharmacies are more than just a stop for medication. They are integral to the community’s health, offering personalized care, expert guidance, and a range of products to meet every health need. With a focus on quality and convenience, Cayman Pharmacies ensure that every individual’s health journey is well-supported, making them a trusted partner in your wellness journey.

Here is an updated list of Cayman Pharmacies and their contact information. In Grand Cayman, pharmacies typically operate with customer convenience and accessibility in mind. Most pharmacies open their doors to the public from early morning, around 8 or 9 AM, and remain open until late evening, usually until 6 or 7 PM. These hours cater to both working residents and visiting tourists. Some pharmacies extend their hours further, especially those located in busier areas or in shopping centers, closing as late as 9 PM. It’s always advisable for residents and visitors to check the specific operating hours of their nearest pharmacy, as they can vary slightly depending on location and day of the week, with reduced hours typically observed on weekends and public holidays.

Health Services Authority Pharmacies: A cornerstone of healthcare in the Cayman Islands, located in the heart of George Town, offering comprehensive pharmaceutical services.
Address: 95 Hospital Road, George Town
Phone: 1 (345) 949 8600

Health Care Pharmacy (Grand Harbour): Known for a wide selection of medications and professional service in the Grand Harbour area.
Address: The Shoppes at Grand Harbour, 1053 Crewe Road, Red Bay
Phone: 1 (345) 947 8900

Valu-Med Pharmacy: A full-service pharmacy in George Town, known for personalized care and a wide range of medical products.
Address: 7 Leafy Lane, Walkers Road, George Town
Phone: 1 (345) 949 0442

West Bay Pharmacy & Gifts: Offers a combination of pharmaceutical services and gift items in West Bay.
Address: Centennial Towers, West Bay Road, West Bay
Phone: 1 (345) 945 0777

Care Pharmacy: Provides top-notch pharmacy services at Queens Court Plaza on Seven Mile Beach.
Address: Queens Court Plaza, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach
Phone: 1 (345) 943 2273

Foster’s Pharmacy: Known for its professional and friendly services, part of the renowned Foster’s group.
Phone: 1 (345) 815 4051

Kirk Pharmacy: A community favorite located inside Kirk Market in George Town, known for personalized care.
Address: 413 Eastern Avenue, (Inside Kirk Market), George Town
Phone: 1 (345) 949 7022

Navigating Medical Insurance in Cayman Pharmacies

An important aspect of accessing healthcare services in the Cayman Islands is understanding how insurance works with local pharmacies. Most Cayman Pharmacies accept a variety of insurance plans, easing the process for both residents and visitors. When visiting a pharmacy, it’s advisable to carry your insurance information with you. The pharmacy staff can assist in determining your coverage for prescription medications and other health-related products. In many cases, if your insurance plan is accepted, you may only be required to pay a co-pay amount at the time of purchase. Additionally, some pharmacies offer assistance with insurance claim forms and can provide guidance on generic medication alternatives, which are often more affordable. It’s worth noting that insurance coverage can vary, so it’s recommended to check with your insurance provider for specific details about overseas or out-of-network coverage, especially for international visitors. Understanding these details can make your pharmacy experience in the Cayman Islands smoother and more efficient.

And, finally, the pharmacies in the Cayman Islands serve as crucial pillars of health and wellness, blending professional healthcare services with the warmth and hospitality that the Caribbean is known for. With convenient operating hours, a range of services, and a focus on customer care, these pharmacies ensure that both residents and visitors have access to essential medical needs. Whether it’s for routine prescriptions, emergency services, or health and wellness advice, the pharmacies in Grand Cayman are well-equipped to meet a diverse array of healthcare requirements. The presence of these pharmacies, along with their dedicated staff, underscores the Cayman Islands’ commitment to maintaining a healthy and thriving community.

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