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Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is not actually 7 miles long.  It’s only 5.5 miles and runs from Grandview Condos (a little before those properties) and goes all the way to West Bay Public Beach.

A first time visitor to Grand Cayman may think that all there is to Seven Mile are:  Governor’s Beach, Public Beach, Cemetery Beach and West Bay Beach but there is so much more to it than that.  Obviously those are the four public beaches but the entire front beach is actually public domain.  You will see trespassing signs on the beach when you overstep your bounds.  But not to worry, I’ve never actually seen a guard that will reprimand you for walking on their beach.

Not all the condos on Seven Mile Beach have a great location.  Personally I have favorites along the stretch.  I prefer the white sand vs. the rocky beach and so if you are like me, you want to rent condos along the center to the northeast of Seven Mile Beach.  Most of the condos / hotels in the beginner part of the beach don’t have the same great white expanse.

The rocky shoal at the beginning of Seven Mile Beach is ideal for vacationers who want to snorkel right off their beach.   Some of the better snorkeling on Seven Mile are at the beginning of it, the center and end are not as idyllic for snorkeling unless you are strong enough to swim at least 200 yards out.

Snorkeling Spots on Seven Mile Beach

On Governors Beach you need to swim out to the white buoy in the distance.  It is visible from the beach.  You need to be an intermediate swimmer to get out there as sometimes the water can be rough.  Make sure you bring your flippers and goggles for this trip!

On the Public Beach — there is no snorkeling to be had… its like a large swimming pool really.

Cemetery Beach — not everyone who comes here finds the reef and it can get tricky.  But I’ve discovered that if you swim straight from the Orange house on the beach, it will take you directly to the reef.  There is a welcoming committee of Bermuda Chubs (fishes who look like they are smiling at you).