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Welcome to the Cayman Islands

Welcome to the Cayman Islands

First of all, we wanted to welcome 2015 with a bang and a new website design! After all doesn’t the most visible website deserve some attention? We thought so.

And so for 2015 we are also accepting smartly designed Adverts for special landing pages throughout the site. Need online visibility? We got you covered.

So for the none-business visitors and are specifically here for the weather and the beach, Welcome! You have made the right decision in choosing the Cayman Islands as your winter-vacation-land. If its your first time here, check out some of the activities we recommend.

  1. Stingray City — the thought of swimming with real stingrays is scary at first but when you get here, it will seem as natural as it is breathtaking. If you manage to get a photo while kissing one, it is guaranteed to replace your Facebook profile photo for about a month, maybe more.
  2. Scuba Diving — if you are going Scuba Diving, make sure you go with highly rated dive operator. Check out for reviews and listen to your gut. Nothing can be as frustrating as going scuba diving in the best diving destination in the Caribbean (IMHO) and feeling like you could have gotten better service elsewhere. The North Wall is a personal favorite for Boat Dives and for Shore diving, I love, love, LOVE — Turtle Reef or whats commonly called Macabuca because of the bar in the same location. BTW Macabuca has some amazing food (jerk chicken) and their beers are always cold. Best drunk after the dive (not before!)
  3. Kayaking from Kaibo to Starfish Point — so one of my favorite activities on island is renting a Kayak in Kaibo (Rum Point) and paddling it all the way to Starfish point. It is important to NOT do this on a weekend as so many party boats dock on Starfish point. Do this on a weekday — bring a picnic basket and have an awesome day!

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll be sure to answer you right away.

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Fevi Yu, Web Administrator

A frequent visitor to the Cayman Islands with extensive knowledge of the local business environment. As a web and content curator, Fevi serves numerous clients across various industries in the Cayman Islands.