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Where is the best snorkeling spot on Grand Cayman?

Where is the best snorkeling

There are two types of snorkeling activities on Grand Cayman and that is snorkeling by the shore or going snorkeling on a boat.

On a boat, your boat captain will be able to tell you the ideal snorkeling spots depending on the water current and time of year. They know all that information so this blog will only answer: What is the best shore snorkeling spot on Grand Cayman?

There are quite a few and it will depend on your swimming skills and comfort level in the water. For beginners I want to recommend Cemetery Beach along Seven Mile Beach. Right by the shore, probably in 4ft of water you will find a rock mound with cracks and crevices that have a myriad of fish. This is ideal for young kids just learning to swim.

For the more advanced snorkelers you may want to swim around 200 ft out on Cemetery Beach. Look for the yellow house (presupposing they haven’t changed the color of the house yet), this house is the first house on your right from Cemetery Beach facing the water. Follow that house in a straight swim out 200 feet and you will come across a huge boulder and right beside it is an artificial reed made of huge upside-down flower pots. Its pretty cool when you first see them. On this same spot we have seen turtles, eagle-rays and of course the ever present bermuda chubs and lots of other species of fish. We hope this blog was helpful in deciding where to go snorkeling on Seven Mile Beach, please contact us if you have any questions.